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Dental Services

Dental Care

At Hunter Dental in Markham, our dental team strives to provide the dental care our patients deserve. We offer a range of general and cosmetic dental services, as well as periodontal care, oral surgery procedures, emergency services, and more.

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General Dentistry | Hunter Dental | Markham Dentist

General Dentistry

We provide dental cleanings and exams, fillings, full mouth reconstruction, and more.

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Cosmetic Services | Hunter Dental | Markham Dentist

Cosmetic Services

At Hunter Dental, we offer cosmetic dental treatments to help change the general appearance of your teeth.

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Periodontics | Hunter Dental | Markham Dentist


Our dental team in Markham strives to care for the health of our patient's gums and oral structures. 

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Oral Surgery | Hunter Dental | Markham Dentist

Oral Surgery

Treat diseases, injuries, and defects in the oral and maxillofacial region with dental implants, extractions, gum grafting, and more.

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Dental Appliances | Hunter Dental | Markham Dentist

Dental Appliances

We offer sports and night mouth guards as well as sleep apnea devices to try and protect your teeth and help preserve your oral and overall health.

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Technology | Hunter Dental | Markham Dentist

Dental Technology

At Hunter Dental, we use dental technology to try and provide efficient treatment and comfortable appointments for our patients.

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Sedation | Hunter Dental | Markham Dentist

Dental Sedation

For nervous patients or longer procedures, Hunter Dental can offer dental sedation as a way to calm patients and allow them the treatment they need.

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Children's Services | Hunter Dental | Markham Dentist

Children's Services

At Hunter Dental, our dental team provides dental care and treatments designed for the needs of children's smiles.

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Invisalign | Hunter Dental | Markham Dentist


At Hunter Dental, we offer Invisalign clear aligners as an orthodontic treatment option to help you straighten your smile.

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Before & After | Hunter Dental | Markham Dentist

Before & After Gallery

At Hunter Dental, we believe in educating our patients so they know what to expect from their dental treatments.
View our Before and After photos to see what to expect from some of the procedures we offer.

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